ADVANAGE 20X is a super-concentrated, multipurpose cleaner that is biodegradable and non-toxic.

ADVANAGE 20X is now “greener” than ever before and contains our patented Emulsion Agent which means you can clean oily and greasy surfaces instantly, without leaving any residual oil on the surface or cleaning utensils.

Citrus:  serves as an excellent deodorizer in areas such as bathrooms, trash disposal units, and pet areas.

Clear/Odorless: Specially formulated to clean lighter color carpets and all types of fabrics. This has no scent and is perfect for those who may be allergic to certain fragrances.

Green Apple: Specially formulated for cleaning mold and mildew stains and the removal of related odors. It is Ideal for sink and bath areas.

Lavender: Ideal for people who want a lingering gentle scent of lavender in the home. With minimal effort, it is gentle enough for your finest fabrics yet strong enough to remove the most difficult stains.

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